Activated Charcoal For Whiter Teeth

a tooth brush on a table with Activated Charcoal on the brush

Who knew? Activated charcoal (not the stuff from your barbecue or fire pit.) It actually whitens your teeth! It pulls bacteria from your gums, thus keeping your mouth healthy and free from such nasties as gingivitis. It is a bit messy and it looks really bad, when your teeth are coated with it. But, man, after you rinse and follow up with your regular cleaning routine…”ping!”… a glistening smile. I tried it, I liked it. If you have white fillings, they won’t whiten. But they don’t with anything else either.

If you suspect you’ve eaten something bad, activated charcoal will draw the impurities out of your stomach. There are a number of little tricks this natural little gem can do. You can buy it at your local health store and in most drug stores. But handle with care and respect. Here’s a great demo…



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  1. Hmmm…. interesting !
    Worth a try I guess 😀

  2. It really works! A little messy, but my teeth are whiter. I love how my tongue glides over the top teeth – like silk!

    Thanks for sharing with us, Nancy.

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