Acts of Kindness

sample acts of kindness showing a puppy being affectionate with a fawnHere’s something really far out and WooWoo for you; acts of kindness. It is easy, when looking at this whole field of energy, to be overwhelmed … or underwhelmed for some. It really is such a vast area that you could spend many lifetimes exploring, studying, practicing and gleaning more knowledge. That’s true. But people are effectively working with energy every day without even realizing it. Whether they are contributing in a negative way or a positive way depends on their expression. What’s yours? Because, (surprise, surprise) we have a choice. Yes indeed, we have the power, right here, right now at our fingertips to affect the energy around us and to alter the experience for others. No classes or degrees required! One remarkably effective technique is called Simple Acts of Kindness.

Do you realize that one simple act of kindness, like helping a mom carry her baby carriage up the steps on the bus, can have a huge impact on more people than you could imagine and alter the field  of energy, dramatically? Of course you do. Because you know that rush of feeling you get when you do something like  that. I get the feeling so strong, even just giving a couple of bucks to a homeless person, I could positively weep. That’s the impact healing energy has on me. It’s not about healing the homeless person or healing myself. It is about healing a bit of the fabric of the whole big energetic field we all live in. Feeling a little blue today? Feel you need a little attention? a little love? Quick! Do something for someone! Find an act of kindness you can do asap! You’ll feel better, the recipient of your kindness will feel better and the universe will thank you. Now you’re working with energy.

Acts of Kindness in Action

Okay, so I just have to tell you; after writing up this little article and giving my full attention to the topic of kindness , I went out to pick up some groceries. The line-ups were long and the check-out slow. I took my place in line, holding the few paltry items in my arms. Noticing how few items I had to check through, the man in front of me said, “why don’t you go on ahead of me?”. When I demurred, he insisted. How KIND! This store always asks “would you like a bag?” and then charges you for it. This time the cashier didn’t ask. She just popped my things into a bag and didn’t charge me. How KIND!


  1. RANDOM acts of kindness. BEST thing ever. Thanks for sharing. Love this site!

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