An Open and Loved Heart

a woman clutching her chest in joy referencing An Open and Loved Heart“I’m trying to get my heart chakra to open”, she said as she stretched out on the table for our energy session. “The thing is, I don’t really know how. I shut my heart down a long time ago.”

Remembering some raw times of my own, I concurred and said, “We’ve all done some of that over the years.” Then, as I swept her energy field, I added, “Why don’t you allow your heart to open, rather than trying to make it. For that matter, you could allow it to stay closed, if you choose. Hearts close for a reason.”

We then shared a rich and full session, further enhanced by the singing bowls and vocals of Ashana. As I worked, a heart mantra, recently learned from Louise Hayes’ writings, kept playing in my mind… “My heart beats to the rhythm of love.” It’s a mantra I whisper to my husband when his heart is in A-fib.

Not wishing to leave her with the notion that she should keep her heart closed, I added a bit more, at the end of our session. These things I told her: There are many yoga postures, designed to open the heart chakra. Along with allowing your heart to open, you might want to tell yourself… “My heart is open to love.” “I trust my heart.” And, of course, “My heart beats to the rhythm of love.”

As I’ve said before, working at the hospice, it is evident when it’s a heart day or a grumpy day or a super happy day. They run in cycles and they run in waves. The one constant in moving through all the days is this number one requirement … LOVE YOURSELF.

When the world is pissing you off, when people have let you down, when you’re mad at yourself for being stupid or being sick, STOP! And tell yourself, I love you. Everything is okay, I love you. Talk about shifting the energy! The results are immediate. If it’s not already a part of your living skills, try it. As the great Carole King wrote; “… people gonna treat you better, you’re going to find, yes you will, you’re beautiful as you feel.”

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  1. Nadeja Gerasimow

    Love, love, love! Thank you for sharing this wisdom reminder.
    Much love,

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