two hands in the air withe rope around the wrisits and the rope is cut freeing both hands referencing anxietyThere’s a current word for you. This condition called anxiety is rampant in our society. College students are being excused from exams because of their anxiety. Young school children are being diagnosed and treated. Regular grown-up people beg forgiveness for social faux pas on account of their anxiety. One look at the evening news and it’s no mystery why anxiety seems to have reached epidemic proportions.

Likely it is because I am no stranger to this crippling state of mind (and heart), that this current wave has caught my attention. I spent the entire decade of my 20’s caught in the grip of this paralyzing condition, without a clue as to how to deal with it. A nightmare for sure, there was no rational explanation for the energy surging through my adrenals and stealing my breath. Back then, I thought I was the only one, so did my best to hide it. Back then, the best they could do was  prescribe addictive drugs to numb the senses. So, in fact, I do celebrate today’s public awareness and organizations that offer support. But I also lament how widespread this state of anxiety has become.

How did I get free? LOVE, baby… straight up, unconditional love. First I found it (or it found me), through various caring people, and then I learned how to give it. That was the key to my liberation.

These days I offer Attunement sessions at our local hospice. You want to believe I meet a lot of very anxious people there! Today, as I gave my offering of comfort and peace through the palms of my hands and tips of my fingers, the thought came;  Never would I have imagined myself in this position. So lost in the depths of despair, all those years ago, how could I know that that experience would equip me to help others? It gave me authority. It gave me substance. It gave a ring of truth to my presence for those looking for relief. And it gave me compassion.

I think getting free of anxiety is going to take a major shift in consciousness within our society. It just might have to happen one tormented person at a time; each one discovering what really matters in this life, each one coming to know the power of  love. Because, in my experience, you cannot fix anxiety, not at the level of “make it go away!” Pills will only give temporary relief. It will continue to shake your tree until you make a change. So you might as well embrace it and see where it is leading you. I am willing to bet, it will lead you to a place of peace.

And where, you may ask, does one find this precious love? It’s easier than you might think. Next blog, let’s have a look! Finding love…


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