a swimmer in the water referencing appreciationI don’t know about where you live, but here, in my part of town, when you’re locked in bumper to bumper traffic, during a rush hour that generally extends into an entire day, it is a HUGE act of kindness to let somebody in, ahead of you. Sad but true. You are the benevolent one. More alarming than that is the feeling of overwhelm experienced if there is a light wave of acknowledgement from the driver you just graced with your magnanimity! No word of exaggeration, I held a space open for a big truck to go ahead of me a while back. When he gave the truckers thank-you, by flashing his back lights, I almost burst into tears! A little appreciation, these days, is hard to come by. He said thanks! I can hardly bear it!

Appreciation, The Art of Giving and Receiving

In conversation with a few friends, recently, we each admitted, with some embarrassment, the disappointed felt when our efforts are not acknowledged, quite certain it isn’t about our egos. There is much to be said for giving without strings attached. But there is also something about the flow of energy. That truck driver who flashed his thank you was returning energy, keeping the flow open. We all agreed that we weren’t in need of recognition or anybody’s approval. What we do seem to need is a sign that our efforts have been received, whether it’s a job well done, a favor given, or a simple social grace. Not in the realm of; oh thank you, you are so kind, my word you are amazing! No, no. It’s more like Roger, got that, will pass it on! The absence of that acknowledgment; (we’re talking just a little twinkle of an eye, a nod of the head, a gentle lift of hand), is like offering into a dark hole or a vacuum. So yeah, if you are acting or creating from a place of true joy and love, it actually does suck to have that energy gobbled up like so much excess.

Does this mean we just stop giving? Maybe join the pack, skip the niceties and take what’s ours? It’s a dog-eat-dog world, after all. Do we continue being the “benevolent ones”, suffering the injustices quietly and bravely? Oh please! Giving and receiving are part of the same loop.

This I know: there are good swimmers, negotiating these waves of energy, that make up our world, and there are bad swimmers. There are those just learning to swim and those who never will. Some are frightened by rough waters, while others are exhilarated by them. Me, I’m a pretty good swimmer, though far from the best. I’ll take a hand when it is offered. Acknowledging the favor keeps my waters nice and friendly and I get to be an even better swimmer. If the hand I offer is not appreciated, it’s not my swim that is affected. Some will sink, some will ride the crest. Everything I do reflects back into my energy field. Maybe we can go easy on ourselves when we feel that twinge of disappointment. We are simply sensing an incomplete loop, an energetic current that has not met a resolution. No fault, no foul… we just carry on.


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  1. Nice Post Ms. Woo Woo 🙂 Libellule

  2. This is so beautiful….goosebumps again! The swimming analogy just knocked me over. xoxo

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