Attunement Is All About Flow

waterfalls in a home garden, referencing how attunement is all about the flowLast week, during an energy session, my friend Anna expressed grave concern about a friend of hers who had recently received a rather grim diagnosis from her doctor. “She’s got cancer, I’m just so worried about her. I feel so bad for her.” Anna was truly distressed and , of course, that is understandable. Who wouldn’t be? “What can I do to help her?” As neither of us is a doctor or trained caregiver, we did have something to consider. Obviously we both put a lot of stock in the power of the right use of energy.

On the one hand I wish we, as a society, weren’t always on the offensive in looking for disease. It generates such fear, which in turn, empowers the disease. BUT… many lives have been saved, as a result of this aggressive approach. So who am I to judge? Thus I have decided to manage these fears and concerns much like a meditation; to hold a vision in my heart of the person in question as whole and perfect and beautiful. When the sorrow, grief and fear put in an appearance (as they will), I acknowledge them and allow them to move on by. I do not glom onto them, nor do I negate them. I’m just like; “okay, I see you, I get it, next!” Of course this takes practice. Is it going to take away somebody’s cancer? I don’t know… maybe. But at the very least it will reduce the aura of panic and dread that accompany the condition AND in no way interfere with what needs to be done, medically.

Attunement – We are the Facilitators

Attunement is all about flow. Most ailments; physical, emotional or otherwise are there because something in the energetic field is blocked. The art of attunement (and coincidentally the art of woo:)) is about releasing those blocks to achieve a clear flow. A mindset of sympathy and concern, such as Anna had for her friend, only help to lock the errant pattern in. The greatest thing we can do for her friend is to release those blocks in consciousness. Let our energy flow. Let go the fear and embrace the wholeness of this woman, giving her the best chance possible to come through this experience healthy and strong. BUT, and this is a big one… we have to do this without concern for results! Agh! I know! What’s the point??

The point is; the decision is not in our hands. We are not the authors but, rather, the facilitators. We are not “healers”, but here to assist others to take their path as clearly and powerfully as possible. An ounce of comfort, a moment of enlightenment, an experience of calm and peace within the turmoil… these are the gifts we can bring. And it doesn’t get much more powerful than that.

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  1. Such beautiful words of “true comfort” – thank you.

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  3. I am gradually getting somewhat impressed. I beliee yoou mus be doing many a geat deal of more positive outlooks on life.
    Did this comment get to you? Loe, Dad

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