Attunement Through Meeting of Souls

two young men body slamming their chests referencing attunement through the meeting of the soulsShe asked me to do a piece using the word CONVIVIAL. “Ain’t it just like a friend of mine…” always pushing me just a little bit further. Do I need that? Yes! Do I love that? Double yes!! Especially when said friends is as fun and supportive as she is.

Convivial:1. fond of feasting and good fellowship; jovial; sociable . 2. Of or befitting a feast.  If there is anybody who inspires conviviality, it is this friend. And I bear no shame in admitting that I am a convivial sort of girl. Life is to be enjoyed and good friends are to be celebrated!

Once upon a time, I was a cook. I put my heart and soul into preparing gourmet delights from very healthy and organic ingredients. A meal, to me, was a work of art and a love offering. I held a vision of friends coming together around a big table, laughing, chatting, savoring the flavors and clinking glasses together in joyous celebration of life. However, the reality was that my creations were scooped from a self-serve buffet line, picked over like rags at a rummage sale and eaten in haste. I had to turn my head away at serving time. STILL, that spirit of conviviality lived on. As I quit riding the roller coaster of expectation and disappointment, that joie de vivre  bubbled within, waiting to meet the right spirit. And, of course it did, many times over.

Attunement Through Meeting of Souls – Hold That Vision

It’s energy, my friend… energy being met and received in the same spirit with which it came. Like a high-five, like a chest-bump; ebullient energies coming together, in the exact same place at the exact same time, igniting each other. It’s like two beams of light colliding in one joyous explosion and that is something to celebrate!

Long gone are the days of shuddering at the food line. Now are the days of good friends who love to laugh, clink glasses and savor life. It’s not always around a table laden with food. It’s anywhere, anytime  our convivial souls come into attunement and the spark is ignited. Stay alert and keep your glow on because you never know when that spark might put in an appearance!

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