Attunement through Thought and Word

It’s only words and words are all I have to take your heart away” Bee Gees 1968

Kaleidoscope representing Attunement EnergyThere were about a dozen of us in the room with one instructor, out there in the boonies, all those years ago. A volunteer stepped out of the room and waited in the hall, unaware of the fact that the rest of us were instructed to think negative thoughts… any thought, as long as it “brings you down” and is not directed at the unknowing volunteer. We closed our eyes and with frightening ease, thought our nasty thoughts.

The purpose of the exercise was to demonstrate the power of our thoughts over ourselves and the world around us. When the volunteer was brought back into the room, he was muscle-tested (a la kinesiology) and, as you might expect, he had little strength to resist a gentle push on his extended arm. The experiment was replayed with positive thoughts governing the room and, lo and behold, the hapless volunteer had plenty of strength to stand up to a muscle test. We, the students, were impressed. Thoughts have power. Thoughts are representative of that which we are in attunement with. So are words.

Attunement and Words

Words have power. We have a great example of that in a TV ad for an anti-bullying campaign. It shows a young girl being physically pummelled by the hurtful words flying from the mouths of the schoolyard nasty girls. But words don’t just hurt their targets. They hurt those who speak them.

So I have this friend who unwittingly says “hate” a lot.” Oh I hate that! I hate it when blah, blah, blah.” I used to wince when she said it, because of what I learned in that room. Now I’m catching myself! Ooops! Hate makes your shoulders lift and your neck hurt and your face scrunch up. Hate gives you wrinkles and ulcers and god knows what else. There are other words that don’t hurt so much, like “that annoys me” or “I wish they wouldn’t”. This friend, of whom I speak, is a wonderful person. She is kind, generous and fun. She also deals with a lot of stress related physical ailments. Hmmm, again I ask, “do we create our own reality or does it create us?”

Check out this video on the power of words and decide for yourself.



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