Attunement with Paul Price

A picture of Paul Price - Renowned Attunement PractitionerThe field of energy work is vast and varied. As there is a constant flow to energy itself, it is forever morphing. Each person who works with energy has their own unique experience with it; what they feel, how they perceive it, how they choose to work with it. Modalities abound. Yet, in this ever-changing realm of energetic vibration, no matter what the chosen modality, some things remain constant. In the following video clips, Paul Price will share his chosen modality; Attunement. These are the techniques that were taught to him, over 45 years ago and which he has continued to practice and refine. Paul is among the few renowned teachers, in the world, who carry the legacy of the Attunement Process and are passionate about passing that legacy on.

In this first of two parts, Paul will explain and demonstrate a typical Attunement session, focusing on the body’s endocrine system. Short and sweet, sit back and learn from the masters!

In this second video, Paul finishes the Attunement session and explains what drew him into the wonderful world of Attunement.

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  1. Paul, this is just excellent and fills a great need. Thank you for taking the time to create these videos and sending them out. Much love,

  2. Cynthia Lynn Scott

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! for sharing yourself and Paul with us! Good to “see” you both again. It would be wonderful if Paul would teach some classes here. I shall pass these videos onto a connection who does Reiki in Chatham. She has expressed an interest in Attunements. With all my love, Cynthia

  3. Having been introduced to Attunement first by Nancy and then having the experience with Paul as well, all that I can say is….WOW. It has brought such balance to my life. You are both so amazing! You not only have a gift ….you are a gift.

  4. Jerome Akonor Bortey

    This is great I was train and introduce to practice attunement last year when a visit joy Ville community by Marsha I always love the connection with the vibrational healing . I love to have such a fillings again. Thanks to Joy Ville community you are angles on earth. I love you all.

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  6. Oh my goodness, how incredible. A video so we can see and hear Paul at any time. This goes into my permanent archives. Thank you Paul and Nancy, I know of no other video like this. Pure gold. With so much love and blessings to you, Cheryl

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