Attunements – Constance and Devotion

a beacon of light from a lighthouse referencing attunements, Constance and devotionI used to watch Paul head out every Thursday morning to his clinic downtown. He rented a space where he shared Attunements. Some mornings I would ask him, “how many people are you seeing today?” and he would reply, “Nobody has signed up for today.” Then why go?

“Why”, I would ask him, “would you leave this beautiful farm on a sunny day, with soft breezes blowing, blue skies above and a woman and dog who love to be with you, to go and sit in a little room downtown for nobody??”

Paul replied, “It’s about the energy, Nance.” And therein I learned, by his example, that you don’t shut down the energy, just because ( seemingly) nobody is there to participate. He would go to that little office, regardless, and share attunements from within that little space; focused, diligent, constant. You cannot measure the efficacy of your efforts, only remain devoted to that which you know to be right and true for you. He came home at the end of the day, satisfied with a day well spent…even when nobody came!

Attunements – Holding the Energy

Ah, but they did come, in time. They came, drawn by the undeniable current that Paul had been focusing on. They were drawn to the energy. Had he just blown those other days off, the energy would not be nearly so rich and enticing.

People come and people go. They call when they are in crisis and disappear when the crisis has passed. Our dedication remains constant… not to those people, but to the truth that sustains us. Years have passed since those Thursday mornings with Paul. It amazes me still, the people who seek him out, after years in absentia. I don’t know where they’ve been or what they’ve been up to. I only know they are drawn to a beam of light that never went out, to the frequency that was held and built upon. And because they found that beam of light, because they reached out, they are always welcomed, no questions asked.

Constance and devotion, I love it. It’s what builds substance.


Watch Paul demonstrate a typical Attunement session: Attunement with Paul Price


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  1. How beautiful, rich, deep and truth filled! Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Amen sister. I think many of us have learned a lot about constancy and devotion over the many years we have been on this journey together. Let’s face it, we never know how things are going to work out. We never really know if anyone is going to show up or respond. We put our best out there and let the returning cycle take care of itself.

  3. Beautifully expressed, Nancy. THANK YOU!

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