Breaking Through Levels of Awareness

A silhouette of a person diving in water referencing levels of awareness   Since I seem to be mentioning judgement a fair bit these days, it’s obviously up for reflection in my  life right now. I love it when I find myself pressing up against yet another layer of that “onion skin”. I perceive those levels of awareness as invisible elastic membranes. The light still gets through, while we  find our way along our chosen paths. But when we bump up against these walls, push with all we’ve got and break on through… wham! The light is infinitely brighter and everything becomes that much clearer.

This latest wall, for me, is judgement. I try not to judge, but I do. And I have found it is a slippery slope. First a perception (perhaps even an accurate one). Then maybe a joke.. ha, ha, other people are noticing what I saw too! Then what, anger? Resentment? Rage?? All this gives me a headache! All this is fodder for racism, persecution, shame and blame. Man, I don’t want to live there. Because casting aspersions  hurts everyone, including the caster.

Judgement has given us the perfect platform for cyber-bullying. If somebody does something stupid (like that’s so rare!) it explodes onto the world scene, pushing the unfortunate offender into the spotlight, recently referred to as the new public stockades. Development of a society living in fear of being seen is well underway . But we can change that; for our own happiness sake and for the safety and peace of the people around us. It always comes down to what we’re doing in our own backyard.

Levels of Awareness – The Light is Infinitely Brighter

As I said, since I’ve been writing about judgement, I am becoming increasingly aware of  my own use of it AND discovering a new experience in choosing to cease and desist. I’ve got to tell you, everything feels so much easier! Have you ever noticed when something personal is pointed out to you, that you had previously been oblivious to, it becomes glaringly obvious and then almost changes on its own? Once seen, it has to change. I don’t know why. It just does.

Careful now, don’t go judging yourself for judging! Or your friends! Oh, you’ll see it. For sure you will. But you don’t have to buy it. You can choose to let your life energy feed something different, something positive, life-affirming and calm. And guess what? That is exactly what your world will become and that is exactly the kind of people who will want to play in your backyard. Good, bad, right, wrong… who cares?

Levels of awareness. A good friend once said to me, many years ago; “Take off the lid.” I didn’t get it. What lid? “Take off the lid.” Thanks, David. I get it!

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