Wolf Energy Healing

a couple with a wild wolf doing energy healing

This is what our energy is for… helping one another. You can’t fool a wolf (or a dog or a child), they know… they see right through to the heart. And for arguments sake, lets say this energy healing stuff is all a bunch for hooey. The wolf still responds…

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Animal WooWoo – Wilson

Nancy's dog, Wilson, standing in water referencing animal woo woo

We told Wilson, from the day he came to us as a chubby golden puppy, that we would not stand in his way, when it was his time to leave. We promised to help him. And so he gave us the best that any dog could give, for 9 years.…

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The Power of a Dream

Hey, my friends, this little piece was just too darned cute to pass up. But let’s be very clear… I am not selling beer! There are no financial arrangements with the Budweiser company. But come on! I know it’s going to make you smile:) Enjoy. I dare you not to…

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