Finding Love

A woman and girl on a beach holding hands, referencing finding love

In my last post, I told you that it was love that set me free from the chains of anxiety and promised to tell you more. So… Imagine this: You, a fully grown, mature adult with a wealth of talent and experience to offer  are asked to fly out to…

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two hands in the air withe rope around the wrisits and the rope is cut freeing both hands referencing anxiety

There’s a current word for you. This condition called anxiety is rampant in our society. College students are being excused from exams because of their anxiety. Young school children are being diagnosed and treated. Regular grown-up people beg forgiveness for social faux pas on account of their anxiety. One look…

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Mindful Meditation: Trust

A boy with his finger to his mouth, shushing, referencing mindful meditation

Have you ever noticed that, no matter where you go, you always run into the same people? More to the point, they are the same annoying people you left in the last place! Oh sure, they present in different bodies, but the underlying issue is always the same. It used…

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