Clearing Bad Energy

a man leaning his head on the mane of a lion referencing clearing-energy

Today a client asked me if I could give him some tips for clearing bad energy from his own field; body, mind, heart, the works. What’s the secret? He’d been hurt some years ago and couldn’t seem to shake that hurt or the anger. It rises up in him and…

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Energy Healing, How Do You Know What’s Right for You?


Serena told us that she’d payed a couple of hundred dollars to a woman for “energy treatments”. She wasn’t sure if they did anything or not. Then she asked me, “What’s the difference? There are so many people offering different treatments, what differentiates one from the next?” Glad you asked!…

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Forgiveness, Forgive and Forget?

Two monks walking together referencing forgiveness

While two monks were walking together, they came upon a rushing river. There, on the river’s edge, sat a woman crying. “Why do you cry?” asked one of the monks. The damsel replied, “I have to get home and I cannot get across this river.” “Please allow me to help.”…

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