Energy Healing, How Do You Know What’s Right for You?


Serena told us that she’d payed a couple of hundred dollars to a woman for “energy treatments”. She wasn’t sure if they did anything or not. Then she asked me, “What’s the difference? There are so many people offering different treatments, what differentiates one from the next?” Glad you asked!…

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Energy Healing, Part 2

three silver balls referencing energy healing

I love, love, love working with invisible energies! New perspectives open and blossom every day. Seeds planted years ago, sprout and grow, pushing through layers of film, filters, thought patterns, comprehension. Human nature just confounds and confuses me, even in the fact that it can be so predictable. Human behaviour…

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Energy Healing

light in a shell shape referencing energy healing

How long does it take, before we learn that nothing is personal and everything is personal? It’s taken me a lifetime and it is still a work in progress. I love offering energy sessions at our local hospice. What a beautiful opportunity to learn and grow, spiritually, while bringing an…

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