Incorporating the Chakra System, with Paul Price (video)

a screenshot from Paul Price's video: chakra system attunement

Here is another installment of an Energy Session, specifically Attunement, with Paul. This one focuses on the chakra system. I am thankful for his generosity in sharing his years of experience and his humble encouragement to take this information, go forth and make it your own. Enjoy! Check Out Paul’s…

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Attunements – Constance and Devotion

I used to watch Paul head out every Thursday morning to his clinic downtown. He rented a space where he shared Attunements. Some mornings I would ask him, “how many people are you seeing today?” and he would reply, “Nobody has signed up for today.” Then why go? “Why”, I…

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Attunement with Paul Price

The field of energy work is vast and varied. As there is a constant flow to energy itself, it is forever morphing. Each person who works with energy has their own unique experience with it; what they feel, how they perceive it, how they choose to work with it. Modalities…

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