Activated Charcoal For Whiter Teeth

a tooth brush on a table with Activated Charcoal on the brush

Who knew? Activated charcoal (not the stuff from your barbecue or fire pit.) It actually whitens your teeth! It pulls bacteria from your gums, thus keeping your mouth healthy and free from such nasties as gingivitis. It is a bit messy and it looks really bad, when your teeth are…

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Tip of the Day, Raw Onion for Bee Stings

It’s that time of year, again, when those nasty old hornets, wasps and yellow jackets start buzzing around, intimidating and sometimes hurting us. Ouch! Here’s an old home remedy used by beekeepers for eons. You might give it a try, if you do have the misfortune of feeling the sting.…

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Tip of the Day: Castor Oil

Tried and true, castor oil has been used for generations to treat calcium deposits, joint pain, constipation, cysts, sore muscles and a host of other ailments. Edgar Cayce was an avid proponent of this all encompassing home remedy. A compress of castor oil on flannel held on the affected area…

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