Clearing Bad Energy: 2

a flame and a burning latter referncing Clearing-Bad-EnergyA quick addendum to that last post, Clearing Bad Energy. There was one little trick I did pass on to my friend and that was to write a letter. Write a letter (never meaning to send) to that person, who you feel has hurt you or done you wrong. Just let it rip! Let all your feelings spill onto the page with no editing. You’re mad. You’re sad. You’re having dreadful thoughts. Your language is atrocious! #*!!**#! Put it all out there!


Yes, be sure to burn it. Good God, you do NOT want anybody to find that and read it! It’s for your heart, for your mind and your energy field. Because, remember, it doesn’t matter what you say, you can’t change somebody else. But spilling your guts will ease your burden. It will help in changing the energy. I’m also suggesting you burn it as part of the process. Burning that paper is more than just symbolic. You’ve let it all out; the good, the bad and the ugly. In setting a flame to it, POOF! it dissolves into the ether. It is a surprisingly effective technique. I have written letters to people, long dead, as a means of working with my grief.

You say it didn’t work? The feelings just came back again? Sometimes they do… again and again. So, you write, again and again. Eventually, there’ll be nothing left to write about. You’ll have moved on and left your sorrow in ashes.

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