Clearing Bad Energy

a man leaning his head on the mane of a lion referencing clearing-energyToday a client asked me if I could give him some tips for clearing bad energy from his own field; body, mind, heart, the works. What’s the secret? He’d been hurt some years ago and couldn’t seem to shake that hurt or the anger. It rises up in him and makes his mind spin. We all have a little experience with that, don’t we?

I had to tell him, “There really is no secret, John. No special techniques. But may I suggest breathing? When you find your mind building a case and your heart beginning to pound just a little too hard, stop, take a big yoga breath and then slowly and deliberately, exhale. Just let it go. If it doesn’t go, then let it stay. But you’re the boss. You don’t have to fight those feelings nor do you need to see them as bad. They’re just feelings and probably legitimate ones at that. So love yourself and let your love pour onto those feelings too.

 It’s the same approach I use in meditation. The best way for me to still a racing mind is to acknowledge the track it’s on, breathe and say, Okay, you can hang out here, for a while. Come on this gentle journey with me. Welcoming that energy into the field I choose just seems to quell the mad beast!

There comes a time when you understand, you can’t change other people and you can’t change what they have done. The only thing you can change is how it all affects you. In effect, you’re raising your frequency and operating from a place that is not impacted by the behaviour of other people.

It’s not about loving everybody and everything… suddenly turning into the benevolent and gracious accepter of all! Actually, it’s about loving yourself. (Have I said that before?) Loving yourself and everything that runs through you, every nook and cranny, including those dark zones that we think are so taboo. No hateful, spiteful, mean, thoughtless or destructive energy can resist a warm embrace. I’m not suggesting a warm loving embrace for the perpetrators of our angst, just for the energy that we got left with. And if we live in a world where there are no shoulds or shouldn’ts , we can divest ourselves of certain people’s company. Remember? Just leave them gently by the river!

Do I still get angry? You KNOW it! Offended? Hurt? Yes I do. BUT, not nearly so much as once upon a time. Just enough to let me know I’m human. And I am loving that part!


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  1. I do not know a single soul who would not find this kind and beautiful advice a healing balm to the sensitive longing to be In heaven constantly. The rigours of our human playground are soothed by such kind observations and helpful advice! Thank you! Already shared and taken on board. Appreciatively Wendy!

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