Comic Relief – Awake Your Inner Self

Blue, my dog, referencing Comic Relief Awake Your Inner SelfI’ve got a dog and his name is Blue
Bet you five dollars he’s a good dog too.

…well, most of the time. He is such a good boy, 99% of the time. Blue is an 85 lb. Golden Retriever. He’s smart, he’s funny and he is strong, oh so strong! He responds beautifully to commands like drop it, leave it, sit, look at me and go get your baby. We make a great team, Blue and I. Yesterday when I came downstairs in my never-to-be-seen-in-public, yellow shorts, he got very excited. He knew we were going to play with the garden hose, one of his favourite games. See? Smart.

Sometimes, however, he can be very stubborn (can’t for the life of me figure where he got that one!). And one command we’ve just never been able to master is Come! Thus our walks are always with a leash… a nice long extend-a-leash to give the slight illusion of freedom.

So, today, after my husband and I returned home from the funeral of a close friend, tired though I was, I said Hey Blue, wannagoforawalk? Ears perk up, head cocks and he gives me the look, well duh! And off to the park we go. As I said, I was tired and it’s been a challenging few days. Add to that the dreaded allergy season, where drugs only give side-effects and no relief from runny, itchy eyes and short fuses.

Well… there in the park, right beside the tennis courts, Blue found something interesting to eat. Dogs ingesting foreign substances in public places is a scary thing. Leave it! I commanded and gave him a gentle tug. Blue tugged right back. Whatever this was, it was too good to miss. Leave it! I called a little louder with a firmer tug. Blue resisted and kept going for the gold. I said leave it! I screeched, yanked the extend-a-leash and lost control, falling on my ass in front of all the tennis jocks.

One sporty fellow, tanned in tennis whites ran over. I’m okay. I informed him, mortified and a little pissed at my dog. He said, Wow, he’s really strong! to which I readily agreed as I walked away in a cloud of embarrassment.

A little further down the road I smiled out loud when I realized I was wearing a tee-shirt that shouts out to the world: AWAKE YOUR INNER SELF, in big bold letters. How very Zen!


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