scales of justice referencing discernemntWe NEED judgement! We have to judge things every day; what to wear, what to eat, where to eat, what route to take, when to speak up, when to shut up, should I stay or should I go … it all takes the ability to judge. Yes, I know. I have certainly reaped the consequences of poor judgment over the years. And now I’m saying life is brighter without judgment clouding the way.

So I thought I better clarify a bit, if I can. There is a beautiful power we all have called discernment. There can be a fine line between discernment and judgement. According to the old Funk and Wagnall’s my dad gave me;

Judge: to form an opinion and make decisions based on  the merits of a thing

Discern: to perceive as with sight or mind

Ergo; Judge: what those people are doing is bad and I won’t be a part of it!

Discern: what those people are doing doesn’t resonate with me. I choose not to join them.

Discernment – Deciding Through Perception

You can recognize a judgement. Usually you don’t feel so good afterward. But another way is to see if you are determining the right or wrongness of a situation or the good or badness of a person. Because, no offence but, YOU DON’T KNOW! All you can know for certain is what is right for you. That just so simplifies things and you’ll be amazed at how much less tension is present.

Powers of discernment can be cultivated. The more you exercise discernment over judgment, the more adept you become at seamlessly navigating your world. There aren’t so many decisions to make because you automatically do what you need to do. And you no longer have to carry the weight of all those stupid, bad, inept morons you used to judge so clearly!

So go ahead and sense which route you should take. Feel which restaurant is the best for you. Discern if you should stay or go. Will you make mistakes? Most certainly! So what? The more you practice, the fewer mistakes you’ll make. That is when the route you take will lead you to meeting an old friend or a valuable new connection. That is when the staying instead of going might save you from a major pile-up on the highway.

Honing that perception takes you into a larger arena. Things are not black and white, good and bad. There is an intricate design that unfolds as we let go of judgement and nurture our powers of discernment. Have fun!

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