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Recently, in response to Constance and Devotion, somebody posed this question:

I’m curious if, with the energy flow, there are any effects, either positive or negative for the practitioner?

A rock in the sand with a path referencing energy flowGood Question, Janice! The answer is YES!

You mentioned energy flow and that is exactly what it is. Energy, like a river is always in flow. The job of somebody working with that energy is to join forces with the “client”, working together to release any blocks that might be obstructing that flow. There is no imposition or manipulation. Think of moving sand with your fingers, along a shallow river bed. You cannot determine how the sand will land. But you might hit a rock or a pebble and be able to nudge it out of the way. Upon hitting that pebble or rock, NEVER do I assign a “good” or “bad” to it. That very act in consciousness will freeze it in space and time. Whatever I perceive just is.

For me, as practitioner, it’s always a positive experience. Because I know it is a two way process and I don’t consider myself the source of the energy, I am able to fully experience the honour and the wonder of each session and each person who puts their trust in me. I cannot go into a session with an agenda. If I did, I might certainly experience some negative results. Remember the analogy of the river. Imagine how frustrating and tiring it would be to think you had power over that water or that sand and it kept flowing its own way! It’s kind of a Zen thing, isn’t it? The great Zen masters have learned how to bend with the flow to achieve their aim. So, I continue to refine my skills at listening to the energy and responding for maximum effect.

On that note, I make sure to keep my own energy flow/field as clear and fortified as possible, through meditation and regular sessions with energy workers, whom I trust and respect. I hope that answers your question. Thanks for asking!


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