Energy Healing, How Do You Know What’s Right for You?

a-woman-laying-down-receiving-an-attunement-referencing-energy-healingSerena told us that she’d payed a couple of hundred dollars to a woman for “energy treatments”. She wasn’t sure if they did anything or not. Then she asked me, “What’s the difference? There are so many people offering different treatments, what differentiates one from the next?” Glad you asked!

Apart from the technique incorporated by various disciplines, it is my humble opinion that it all comes down to the practitioner. You can’t really weigh if one energy worker is better than another, but you can discern which is better for you. Some of your experience will depend on compatibility… does this person’s energy strike a note with you? Are you attracted by their energy? Do you feel comfortable and at home with them? That will certainly make a big difference.

Connecting with One’s Spirit

Along with your level of resonance with a person’s energy, you might notice that one has more substance in their field than another. That is just something you perceive. It could be that a practitioner has taken a weekend course and earned a certificate that makes them “official”. Well, I say good luck to them. I think years of study and review, years of being brutally honest with oneself and a strong connection with one’s spirit and purpose are key ingredients. Not only will this person have a greater ability to stand strong in an intense situation, but they will also know how to protect themselves. Then again, what’s to say an extremely gifted person won’t come along and have innate abilities that wow us all? It happens.

I say, buyer beware. I know of people who offer courses and experiences with spirit, with angels, with meditation and psychic energy. You might be curious. You might want to try. So, ask yourself (or them) first: What is your support system? Who do you turn to to stay on an even keel? What is your experience in guiding others? What kind of follow-up do you have in place? What safety measures have you taken in the event of a bad experience? Because sometimes it can get ugly. I know a woman who was led into an intense kundalini experience and left there to hang. The person who led her there was not equipped to handle the intensity that arose and my friend has been struggling in a very scary place for over a decade! So, please, proceed with caution. I’m also leery of those who ask for big bucks in exchange for their expertise. Hmmmm. Sure we all have to make a living, but is it ethical to get rich off another’s innate desire to connect with spirit? I don’t have the answer to that one.

In the end, it really is all about Spirit. Your spirit will guide you to the right person, if you are open to be led. Trust that feeling in your gut. Trust that niggly uncertainty that plays at the back of your mind. Before you entrust anybody else with your experience in the field of energy, trust yourself!


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