Energy Healing, Part 2

three silver balls referencing energy healingI love, love, love working with invisible energies! New perspectives open and blossom every day. Seeds planted years ago, sprout and grow, pushing through layers of film, filters, thought patterns, comprehension. Human nature just confounds and confuses me, even in the fact that it can be so predictable. Human behaviour can fool you and leave you wondering what to believe and who to trust. But energy? 100% reliable. No fooling!

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Sometimes in my excitement over the continuous unfolding comprehensions, I want to yak about it. I want to turn on the whole world, so to speak. Like watching a spectacular fireworks display, I want to point and shout “Look at that one! Look, look!” But it’s energy. It is vibration. It is a field beyond words and, as I’ve said before, trying to make somebody see, using words, is not very effective, in fact it can be counter productive.

Energy Healing, Energy Field

Once upon a time, I stumbled into this world of conscious awareness and practical application. I was drawn like a bee to honey. Had to be around these people. Had to put myself in their path. I had no idea why. I only knew I HAD TO immerse myself. Resistant, suspicious, challenging ; yeh, I was all that. And they, kind, generous and earnest, tried to explain things to me with words that my ears could not hear, my mind could not comprehend. All outward appearances would indicate that their pearls of wisdom were lost on me. One woman cried out in exasperation; “You are like a starving man, standing in front of a loaded banquet table, totally blind to the feast set before you!” At one level, she was right.

But at the invisible level, where energy healing quietly works, nothing was being missed. All the words in the world could not capture my attention. In fact, they only threatened to turn me off. But, seeing the energy at work was compelling. Seeing people who lived it more than they spoke it was very attractive. And today, that which I had no ear for has become the soundtrack of my life. It is a beautiful thing.

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  1. Cynthia Lynn Scott

    Thank you for sharing your heart and your wisdom. With all my Gratitude and Love, Cynthia

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