Energy Healing

light in a shell shape referencing energy healingHow long does it take, before we learn that nothing is personal and everything is personal? It’s taken me a lifetime and it is still a work in progress.

I love offering energy sessions at our local hospice. What a beautiful opportunity to learn and grow, spiritually, while bringing an aspect of peace and comfort to those in need of it. This week, I noted a theme, that ran from one client to the next. That theme was anxiety. Good, bad, right, wrong; that’s really none of my business. But recognizing the theme for what it is, really helps that which is my business. Each person that lay their body down, on the table before me, was grappling with (what they perceived to be) their own anxiety. But, they were not privy to the view I had. It was just THAT KIND OF A DAY. As most of us tend to do, they tapped into the prevailing current and, especially due to their vulnerability, owned it… took it on and experienced it as their own.

Energy Healing, Healing Energy

I wished for a way to tell them that they didn’t have to own that vibe. I wished they could just raise their heads above the fog and see the “all’s clear”. I wished each one, in turn, could see that what they were feeling was not personal. And yet, it was. My job is in the energy field. Even if that sense of calm is only experienced for the half hour a session runs, I know the reality of that calm has sprouted roots and is growing quietly. Beyond that, I just have to trust the energy. That’s my job, which I take very personally! It puts a different slant on energy healing, though, wouldn’t you say? By offering healing energy into an intense field (ie. anxiety), we participate in healing the energy!

Some days you just have to ride out the storm. Other days you need a friend to shine a little light for you. Other days, still, you are the light shining. Because, like energy healing, nothing is personal and everything is. Because, as a wise man once said; “I am he and you are he as you are me and we are all together…” Coo, coo, cachoo!

Next up: Energy Healing, Part 2

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