Energy Management, Effectively Managing Energy

red pills spilling from a pill bottle referencing energy managementIn my last article, I talked about food and energy. Working with food is a great arena for practicing “energy management”. Obviously, what you practise there filters into everything you do. So, what if you have to take medication that you really do not want to take? Maybe you don’t believe it will help. Maybe, like many people, you think it might do more harm than good. But the doctor says take it. And your family says take it. And your body is in need of assistance. So, take it already!

Energy Management, Beyond Food and Energy

But, just as you do with food, empower it, before it enters your body. If you take that medication with a sense of fear, resentment or futility, I hate taking these dam things! then, congratulations, you’ve just ensured a negative outcome. See? I knew it! How about this? How about holding it in your hand and giving thanks for the possibilities it offers. How about focusing your energy upon it and resolving, within yourself, that the highest outcome will be met.

I truly believe that working consistently and diligently with effectively managing the energies we issue and perceive every day, does lessen the need for doctors and pills. BUT, (this is important) doctors and pills do have their place in this world.

You might have a great ear for music, but you still need a professional, when your sound system gives out. You might be the best driver on the roads today. But you still need a mechanic when something breaks down. You may be the healthiest, most perceptive person you know. But thank god for the technicians, trained to fix things that go wrong! With your increasing awareness and ability to comprehend energy, you can make optimum use of these doctors and technicians. Trust yourself, first. Then, relax and trust them.

Here’s to your good health and energy management!

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