Finding Love

A woman and girl on a beach holding hands, referencing finding loveIn my last post, I told you that it was love that set me free from the chains of anxiety and promised to tell you more.


Imagine this: You, a fully grown, mature adult with a wealth of talent and experience to offer  are asked to fly out to a gathering on the west coast, to participate in a conference and share some of your experience. Oh, wouldn’t you just love to! But (how embarrassing), when it comes to flying, the child within rises up and screams No, no, no! I can’t! I’m afraid! What if we crash? What  then? I can’t do it!

You wouldn’t be the first. Some may strap on their big girl boots and march on through anyway, maybe quiet that crybaby with a shot or two of vodka. Others might pop a pill. And others, yet, might just resign themselves to missing out altogether.

But now, imagine this: While the anxious child frets and laments, along comes a big, strong, kind and loving person. They kneel down to talk to the child. There now, everything is okay. No harm will come to you because I am going to look out for you. They don’t belittle her for being afraid, nor do they indulge the fear. They just take charge in a very gentle way, big hand enfolding hers, Come on, they say, I’ve got you covered. And so she relaxes and gives over, safe in the assurance that they give and the love she feels.

Now, imagine that loving soul is you! Yup, it is as easy as that. There are parts of us that are still the child and parts that are developed and accomplished. We can use one to help the other. We do it unconsciously all the time anyway. It may seem a bit strange at first. But, in fact, this is an act of love… self love. I know it works. It works so well that it eventually becomes automatic. You won’t need to say, There, there to the child, within. You will be saying it to the children (big and small) around you by your very presence.

Other loving souls will sense the love you’ve come to know and be drawn to you. Then love knows no bounds. It just keeps getting bigger and more beautiful, with every connection made. But it starts with you. Be firm but kind with yourself, understanding and compassionate; like you wish somebody else would be. A state of anxiety doesn’t stand a chance when met with love.

It may take time and risking new connections. But the journey toward anxiety-free living is beautiful, in itself; a powerful journey taken one step at a time. Puts a whole new spin on the old saying “Charity begins at home”. YOUR home…YOU!

If it all seems a bit big and impossible right now, take heart. Next post I will attempt to share with you, those first baby steps taken toward finding love.

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