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a bowl of pasta with red and yellow cherry tomatoes and fiddleheads referencing FoodWooWoo - Spiritual Nutrition Once you make the choice to “walk your Woo” (expand your spiritual awareness), there is not one area of your life that will be left untouched. I’ve been walking this path for 30 years and new insights and shifting perspectives are more exciting than ever. This show never gets old! You might find yourself stepping around ants on the sidewalk, seeing more beauty in the world around you and/or making the connection between what you eat and how you feel (apart from heartburn or sugar rush!) And while the spirit of LOVE, in all that we do, certainly infuses all that we touch, there is still room for consideration.

Spiritual Nutrition and Awareness Through Food

To be a vegetarian or not? Vegan? Carnivore? Raw? Local? Breatharian! That’s just the tip of the tenderloin! Organics, GMOs, fast foods, health foods. And what of the people who prepare your food? Is love a given in a vegetarian kitchen? How about integrity in a greasy spoon? And how come that popular Italian restaurant down the street is starting to lose patrons? Hmmmm. They say, “you are what you eat”. I think there is some truth to that. BUT, we can determine what we eat through our awareness and through what we bring to the table.

There is so much room for exploration here, we need this new page. (there goes that old koru again!)… FoodWooWoo…. not so much a place to air opinions and political views, but yet another arena to explore our own spirituality through food, through meeting interesting people in the field and discovering our own power and influence. I’m telling you…it just keeps getting better!

How about the western world’s battle with obesity? Anorexia? Food allergies. Oh stop! I’m freaking myself out! What I’m saying is that with our awareness, something healing and beautiful is extended through us, into all these areas. We don’t have to say a word. We just have to live our woo and walk our talk.

Me… I love to eat. It’s a wonder I’m not 300 lbs.! (I am not). I love to cook for my friends, to try new ideas, to travel and eat my way around a new city. London was fab! What a way to connect with friends, family, new cultures, the world. Talk about spiritual nutrition. But I digress… all this talk is making me hungry. What WILL I make for supper?


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  1. While participating in an experiment with Gratitude I was so much more aware of the medicine in food when I took a moment before eating to bless the food and offer gratitude for Momma Gaia, for the farmers, for the packers, truckers, the store clerks …opening up to the big picture of the chain of events that brought me to that moment of eating did make eating an opportunity for a spiritual experience. It changed my relationship with food and nourishing myself. Thanks for the reminder to bring this practice back into my life!!

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