Gentle Attunement, Higher Consciousness

a colorful hot air balloon referencing higher consciousnessEvery now and then, I do believe, it’s a good idea to pause and reflect. How am I doing on this path I’ve chosen?

I have a friend who has only very recently discovered her spiritual side and all the amazing people and places to meet therein. This former nay-sayer is going woowoo. That’s great, I say! But …  let loose, like a kid in a candy shop, she is joyfully gobbling up everything she comes across that has the slightest hint of aspiring or higher consciousness.

At first, it was so much fun to watch her open up… an honour in fact. But more recently, I’ve been feeling a wee cloud of concern. That bright spark of innocent excitement in her eyes has been morphing into a kind of manic glee, her bubbly expression turning into an over-the-top-will-not-stop! Pause and reflect? Not even a glimmer on the horizon. And I kind of want to shout “Hey! Slow down! Take a moment! Danger! Danger!” She’s not pausing long enough to taste anything, to truly savour the sweets she is being offered.

Higher Consciousness, Holding Steady

We can all get a little high on energy, especially when the perception of it is brand new. But, we all have to come down too. Some say, the higher you fly, the harder you fall. Well, my friend is flying pretty darned high right now, with no sign of leveling off. Yet, who am I to rain on her parade? Who am I to interfere with her process? It’s not my place.

What I can do is be there for her, in the easiest and subtlest of ways. It is hard for us not to interfere when we think we know better and see trouble coming. But, as I put all my stock in the power of energy, that is where I can most effectively support her. You know when a puppy greets you, all wriggles and snuffles and jumping up? If you greet him back with high pitched voice and enthusiastic gestures, he gets even more excited! So, as with a precious pup, around my friend I am being very deliberate in keeping my “voice” calm and even, my gestures gentle and sure. It is my way of offering attunement into the situation. It’s also my way of checking in with myself, “how am I doing?”

And should she fall? Should her cloud of joy dissipate and turn to rain? I need only continue being her friend, inviting her to come and rest a while. And if she should fly away beyond the clouds? I keep my feet on the ground and wish her well.

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  1. Fascinating consideration, Nancy. Your friend is fortunate to have you as her friend, whether she stays or goes. Holding her gently in your heart is a lovely gift of friendship.

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