a picture of perceived GodSomebody asked, recently, with some exasperation; “Why don’t you just use the word God? You say Spirit, The Universe, Higher Self… why don’t you just say God?”  I’ll tell you why.

It is my perception that the name of God has been so misused, over the years, I prefer to steer clear of it. Every religion has their own take on God and their God is the right God. Their God is worth fighting wars over. Their God justifies and sanctifies actions that might hurt or offend others, who may ascribe to a different God. At the very least, God can be seen, from an early age as a being (albeit a benevolent one) separate from ourselves. God will judge good and bad, right and wrong. God will forgive, if you please him. (Him?). God will punish if you displease him. God sent down commandments. Do we really need ten if we simply love one another? If we truly loved, then we would not steal, kill, commit adultery, covet our neighbours house nor his ass nor his man-servant. We wouldn’t even need to be told not to do these things, because living in love, these things would not occur to us!

Honestly? Too often, the name of God is used as a cop-out. (there’s a blast from the past!) I take the onus on myself to live in love. I continue to learn to listen to my heart, to listen to the universe and my higher self. I marvel at the immensity of Life and am intrigued by the never ending vistas of consciousness to be explored and developed. I am committed to serve a force greater than myself and face the discomfort that that sometimes requires me to endure. I am comfortable calling that force Spirit or the Universe, because our higher selves all participate at that level.

We are all striving to be the very best we can be. So I’ll tell you what; I won’t judge you for believing in God (whatever that means to you) and you can relax with my chosen vocabulary. At the end of the day, it is ourselves we have to answer to. In that, I am very grateful that I am learning to be a forgiving soul.


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