Going WooWoo

looking down multiple archways of an ancient building what looks like infinityYou want to talk about good vibrations? Woo woo! You say you felt something you can’t explain? Woo woo! You thought of that old friend just two seconds before they called! Woowoowoo! Life is complicated enough without getting all twisted and turned about, chasing after stuff that’s just plain woowoo… isn’t it?

If only it were so simple. Oh, I used to wish I didn’t feel the things I did or dream the dreams or have the thoughts. I knew that car was going to crash. I knew that kid was going to fall. Agh!!! I have been here before! Does this make me crazy? Who’s to say? Does it make me special? Hardly. Am I a bit woowoo? Yeah, probably more than a little. BUT! I am NOT THE ONLY ONE! And, if in mastering the art of woo I can help you in your search for some sense of peace in it all, then I must. Because these things do happen; things we can’t explain, things that leave us uneasy, things that can make us feel all alone. What if these very things were the key to making your life beautiful? Can you imagine?

But wait. Maybe you don’t feel any of this stuff. Maybe you’ve just  seen woowoo in the movies or maybe you know someone who’s, you know, wooowoo. But not you. That’s okay. I get it. When I hear somebody declare themselves a channel for the prophet Yo from planet Znu, believe me, I turn away.  When somebody bills themselves as a” Healer”, I turn away. But when somebody once suggested that the answers to true happiness were all inside me, I turned around and faced them .Thus began my journey to embrace my inner woo and, by pure default, this big old beautiful world.

Ooooo, I want to take you there!  I’m not sure how. But I am sure, between us, the path will make itself clear. All it takes is willingness (you’ve already read this far), an open mind and a desire to know the power, depth and beauty of your true self. In opening yourself to new possibilities, things will begin to change. You will change and people will notice. Just tell them you’ve gone woowoo and more than likely, they are going to want to follow.


  1. Nancy
    Bissy is showing me your site. How glad I am!
    So touched … and moved by your blog.
    Looking forward to reading more!

  2. Well, I am impressed. “Woo woo” did not for one second come into my opinion of this fascinating blog. As someone who has had the conceit of knowing you well, I am amazed at the wisdom and articulation that you have acquired over the years. I am happy to be retired and, from the this reasonably secure position, can enjoy stepping out and taking the risk of going woo woo with pride. May the energy you have generated here flow back to support your good work.

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