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GoneWooWoo 3What the heck is woo woo anyway? I think you know. But how to put it into words? I’d say it’s about “the invisible”. It’s about things we feel, things we can’t actually reach out and touch, things that aren’t so easily shown to somebody else but are as real as rain just the same. Once upon a time if you were to talk about these things, folks might giggle or turn away and roll their eyes, while mouthing to whomever just might color them with the same brush, “woo woo!” Consequently, there was an element of shame and secrecy if you tended to be sensitive to the more subtle aspects of the world around you. Believe me, I know! I was hypersensitive and totally unequipped to handle the things I was perceiving.  I hid my experience to the point that it just about killed me.

There are still those today who live in the land of; “if you don’t see it ain’t there”. That’s their prerogative. I’m here to say to you, go on and wave your woo woo flag high. Don’t be embarrassed because you are amazing and don’t be afraid to look a little deeper. You know who you are.

What GoneWooWoo is all About

Going woo woo is just about becoming more conscious of the subtle energies that make up our world and learning how to play a greater role with those energies. Conscious or not, we are constantly impacted by currents of energy that flow around us and through us all the time. While we can’t always change those currents, we can become adept at reading them and moving harmoniously with them.

Ah, good energy! You hear that a lot these days. Alright, we’re going mainstream! On a recent Ellen show, after the insane clapping, cheering and whooping died out, Ellen said “thank you for that energy”. Exactly! Enthusiastic currents of appreciation were being hailed upon her and she acknowledged it. Entertainers, musicians, speakers, presenters all need energy from the audience to nourish them so they can continue to give to the audience. It’s a fair exchange. We all need that. Well, not actual applause from the masses, but good, strong, positive energy. It’s why we say please and thank you. That is conscious energy exchange at its most basic. And what do you know… the more of that positive energy we give out, the more comes back to us.

I’m not saying that’s always easy. Sometimes we just don’t feel all that positive. We don’t want to fake a smile. We’ve got problems of our own, thank you very much, and quite frankly don’t always have “the energy” to give away. Besides, perky, cheerful people give me a headache! Yeah, I know, especially if  the winds of change have been tossing you all over the place and you’ve been fighting just to hold your own in the storm. But, try this for me, would you? It’s just one itty bitty step. Consider it an experiment. For the next few days, until we blog again, pay attention to how you are feeling. Happy? Sad? Anxious, bored, road-ragey…  In those moments, look around and take note of what people around you are expressing. You might be at work or at the mall or stuck in traffic or nested quietly at home, doesn’t matter. Just check it out. I’d be interested to hear your findings.


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  2. Fabulous fondling of the woo woo wisdom here Nancy…..love your easy to read and generous spirited perspective in your experience of the elusive realm of the invisible. In time, I’ll be asking permission to share excerpts of your delicious delicacies in my new “currently under construction” website, and directing folk to join in giving voice to their woo woo moments with you. Love it!!!

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