In Attunement with Your Higher Self

a multicolored peace symbol referencing our higher selfI got one of those emails a couple of days ago. You know the ones, full of “information” about the world we live in, chock full of gee whiz facts that we really need to know! This one was all about a certain faith and the threat it poses to the very fibre of our existence in the free world. It was very long and carried so much ammo, I felt like I was under fire by a sniper with a machine gun. But I read it, not fully believing what it said, not fully comprehending why this particular friend would circulate such a thing. “You are in great peril. You must DO something. It’s up to us to stop this once and for all!”

Is this fear mongering or hate mail?

Is there a difference?

There is only one part of this email that I feel qualified to comment on. See, it ended with this: “If you want to stop the threat, forward this email to everyone on your mailing list. OR, you can hide your head under the covers and DO NOTHING!” Whoa! Hold on a sec… there are only two choices?

In Attunement with Your Higher Self, A Viable Option

What about this? What about breathing and turning our attention to what is right and beautiful in this world? What about getting very still and finding that place of love and compassion in our souls? What about tuning to our higher self for direction? What about being as whole and present here and now as we possibly can? I think those are viable options.


Listen to this perspective from Prince Ea and peace, man!

(language may be offensive to some)

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  1. Nancy -email your phone number if you’d like to chat. It’s
    been a long time. I am retired now, living in Guelph again
    with my gf Jennie and my son Mike. I have recently designed
    a permanent magnet motor which can change the world. The design is so simple I am amazed no one else has seen what is so
    obvious to me. The design has been certified by an engineering
    physicist and I am trying to find partnership/investment/etc
    to move forward. The Minister of the Environment should be knocking on my door!!

  2. Oh my, yes I am sometimes very surprised at who circulates stuff like that. I wonder how mindful they are. I agree we always have more than two choices and I do not appreciate people who try to tell me how to think. They might be in a two choice box but I certainly don’t give them any energy. I think this point of view comes with age, if at all. WE have seen a lot come and go in the world in our lifetime. WWII, Vietnam, just to name two. It takes a special consciousness to realize profoundly that vibrational action is powerful and effective. In this do, do, do world it takes a strong commitment to fully understand the power of the attunement current. Thanks for this important posting.

  3. Hi Nancy,
    Thank you for your “thought-ful” article and for pointing to the truth that there is another option. This young man in the video articulated that in a unique way, speaking of the need to be mindful of the “culture of thought” we have bought into and the “option” of stopping and asking the question “Who am I?” Great article offering a simple but effective truth.

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