In Attunement

The words: What would Woo Woo do referencing attunementEverybody is in Attunement with something. Everybody, consciously or otherwise, chooses to be at one with something, either as a constant or from moment to moment. Some have a goal; to be at one with everything. Very Zen. Some choose in one instant to be at one with sorrow and the next instant to be at one with joy. Quite honestly, in the larger scope of things, you can do it all.

I think if you are going to be at one with sorrow, then KNOW that that is what you’re doing. If you choose to be at one with hate or anger, KNOW that you’ve made the choice and know that is a vibration you’ve chosen to resonate with. Whatever consequences accompany that choice, know that’s what you’ve chosen. Note, I’m not saying kick yourself for choosing any certain way. Just know. And if you are choosing to be in attunement with love, know that, even when the chips are down.

Attunement: At One With

My main intention and that of WooWoo, is to be at one with my higher-self; the one who loves unconditionally, the one who knows compassion, the one who finds joy in the subtlest of things, the one who takes delight in shining, both beyond the confines of this human body and within them, the one who connects freely with your higher-self. That really is ‘Gone WooWoo”.

When I do my energy work, specifically sharing an Attunement, that is precisely what I am doing; consciously opening the door (or stepping out of the way) for our Higher selves to connect and take care of business. It is a beautiful thing.

So as we go about the business of creating our own reality, it is good to know that we can choose to be in attunement with anything. As we are met with disappointments and challenges, we can pause and ask, “What would WooWoo do?”

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  1. Bonnie Jo Radasch

    Fabulously clear (can’t miss the ‘breadcrumbs’ here)… What would WooWoo do??? I LOVE IT! Thanks for this wonderful posting, Nancy.

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