Intuition, Spirit in Expression

Monty Python's life of Brian cast in character referencing spirit in expression, intuition“I used to be different, but now I’m the same.”  My friend, Chris, could always crack me up with lines like that. What’s that supposed to mean, anyway?

That line made me laugh because I thought I was “different” and I was very uncomfortable about that. In the animal kingdom (and we are animals), different is dangerous. Different makes you a target. So we do our very best to hide our beautiful, unique selves in hopes of fitting in. In fact, we deny ourselves. I call it hiding your woo.

Intuition and WooWoo

Are you hiding your woo? I’ve seen it time and time again, especially with women. They have this awesome intuition, this great sense of knowing and an instinct to nurture others, each in their own unique way. Somehow, somewhere along the line, they got the impression that they were not okay, that their intuition was woowoo and their exuberant self expression was not cool. And God forbid, if they are a professional, anybody should see any of that in evidence. “It could really damage my business!”

Well guess what? It could really damage you! Our spirits are strong and the more you try to hide them, the harder they are going to push forth for expression. We all know somebody who is so tightly wound, they’re about to snap. Their smile is thin, their eyes don’t dance and their shoulders are usually grazing their ear lobes. Fight, fight, fight, until that spirit, their very own spirit, becomes an alien force that threatens their grip on reality. Just a hunch, but I’d say THAT might be bad for business! Funny thing is, when you relax that useless grip on fitting in and surrender to being ‘different”, your life begins to flourish. You carry an authenticity that is irresistible and an invitation to others to come out of hiding and live, right out loud, in colour!

Another line Chris used, to make me laugh, was a quote from Monty Python’s Life of Brian. It was voiced in metered unison by a whole crowd; “We are all individuals”!


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  1. Soooo very true – all of it! What fun to “come out” of our woo closets.

  2. Very good. We have to beourselves. Ther is something very special about the fair sex – they are intuitive and nurturing. I am so sorry for women who try to be like men and feel they have to act as badly.
    Love is the guiding priniple.

  3. Women of the world – set free your WOO! Love this article…I’m so lucky to know so many woman who ARE who they are…makes them so much more interesting and FUN. !!!! Great post! 🙂

  4. This brings up many lines of thought. My experience is that men are just as intuitive and woo as women. They are even more suppressed than women for their expressions of authenticity. We all hide to some degree as a result of socialization. It is our job as awakening beings to call out the old rules and bring on the new authenticity.

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