a water Lilly referencing karma What exactly is karma? Lots of people base their belief in karma (or lack thereof) on rather vague interpretations. They tell me “I don’t believe in karma. I don’t believe that you can be punished for things you did in a past life. In fact, I don’t believe in past lives! So what does that do to your karma?”

Frankly, I don’t think the universe deals in punishment, anyway. I’m pretty sure we (humans) came up with that one… an eye for an eye and all that. There are universal laws that direct the workings of energy…basic, simple laws. If we pay attention, we see them in action every day.

Offer a simple act of kindness, say, help a stranger with a heavy load. Now, without looking for “reward”, see how many little acts of kindness come your way in that day. They may be small, almost imperceptible. But boy, they are so life affirming! (karma affirming).

Conversely, be selfish. Don’t let anybody in, when the traffic is heavy. Me first! Hmmm, how many people gave you a break after that?

Of course these examples are pretty elementary. There are whole religions based on the concept of karma. But the universal laws remain, that which you put out will come back to you, right down to your basic attitude, be it negative or positive… NOT as punishment, nor as reward.

Karma, Higher Consciousness

Consider karma as the ultimate experiential education. Even if you firmly believe that this one life is all we have, it still applies. As the late, great John Lennon sang; “instant karma’s gonna get you”. Kindness, generosity and forgiveness are energies that thrive and blossom. As a participant in nurturing these energies, you, by the laws of nature, will experience these energies in your life, far more than one who chooses to foster energies to the contrary.

I think, ultimately, we are all fabulous and beautiful, benevolent beings. As humans, we struggle to maintain (or even find) that identity. Karma will help us in that struggle. With karma, we get to experience the feelings others feel as a result of our actions. We learn, we change, we grow. For me, though I do believe in other lives, it is this life that matters now… to be the very best I can be, to strive for higher consciousness, to find others whose company results in mutual nurturing along this path. It is an inner drive.

Just for the heck of it, let’s say we do go on to experience other incarnations. Well, I’m just saying, if we see instant karma in action in our daily lives, imagine the immensity of that on a different plane. Very exciting stuff! We are the creators of our experience, my friend, and in that is sweet liberation.

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  1. I love random acts of kindness, giving and receiving. You are right, the returning cycles are abundant! Good to pay attention and notice these everyday extraordinary things! Thank you for your post!!
    Much love,

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