Kinesiology, Your Body Knows

two women standing doing kinesiologyIn my last article I mentioned an exercise I participated in, employing kinesiology. I may have been a tad presumptuous, thinking everybody would know what that is. It is pretty cool and some even view it as a bit woowoo. Therefore, the subject merits a little more attention, here, where woowoo is celebrated.

Kinesiology: the study of the  anatomy and mechanics of the human muscles. Over the years it has been used as “applied kinesiology”, which is muscle testing. That is a whole school in itself. But the way I was introduced to it and the light in which I made reference to it goes like this…

Applied Kinesiology

Let’s say you want to know if a certain food agrees with you. We’ll pick an artichoke. In this particular application of kinesiology, you would set the artichoke aside, stand and hold one arm straight out in front of you or to the side and, using whatever strength it takes, resist while another person tries to push your arm down. Your arm may be unmoveable or may drop slightly, under the pressure. The next step is to pick up the artichoke and hold it close to your body, say the middle of your chest. Again, raise your other arm and resist the applied pressure. If it so happens that artichokes are not a good food for you, your arm will drop… weak as a lamb. It’s amazing. If, however, this food is good for you, your strength will remain as it was the first time.

I’ve seen this technique used to look for the right supplement for somebody, the right remedy, and, as I mentioned, to illustrate the power of words and thoughts. Why is it so? I don’t know. But I have never seen it fail.

Have you ever felt thoroughly exhausted by somebody else’s incessant complaining and whining? Aha! Case in point! Alternately, have you felt buoyed up and energized by somebody else’s joi de vivre? You and I can make that difference for somebody else. Oh please… not by trying to be the sunniest presence in the room! It will happen just by our consistent attention to energy and our conscious awareness of what we are in attunement with.

Around the time I was being introduced to kinesiology and these illuminations, our instructor asked; “when you walk into a room, are you the good news?” Hmmmm!

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  1. kinesiology is fascinating. It actually extends into every aspect of our being. I suspect that there nothing that our bodies do not know, probably including the future. My own innate knowing has saved my life many times. I am particularly annoyed that so many men deny that they too have this innate intelligence. It is not the exclusive domain of women. Thanks Nancy for keeping this important field of study in awareness.

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