Lifting Your Energy Frequency

a picture of a young man hugging a riot police officer referencing energy frequencyI used to think that “lifting your energy” meant closing your eyes really, really hard and tensing your whole body until you felt something shift. Grrrrrr! Too funny, if you think about it! It really is quite the opposite. Lifting ones energy is accomplished by paying attention to the little things in a day and choosing to handle those things in a creative way… perhaps a more creative way than yesterday. The more consistent and the more conscious we are, the more immediate the change.

So, what if you are caught in a lower frequency? It doesn’t really matter how you got there. Brought on by grief, hurt, fear, etc., we all know what it feels like. When you’re in those lower energies, you might feel like you can never get out. Energy finds its own level. Thus, those lower frequencies keep drawing more dark energy to us; discontented people, hard luck, raw deals…

I have a friend whom I love dearly. If I could wave a magic wand and make all his struggles go away, I surely would. It seems life just hands him one raw deal after another and he just can’t catch a break. My heart aches for him. But look out! RED FLAG! By feeling bad for him, I am doing two things: 1) lowering my frequency to that level and 2) dishonouring my friend’s journey. His experience is not mine to judge or meddle with. Does that mean I just walk away? Well, sometimes, maybe. But if, in relation to him, I can keep my expression true, I will have something to offer him, just by being his friend.

Energy Frequency: Dealing with the Darkness

When you are caught in the dark, you don’t have to try pushing it away. That would be as effective as closing your eyes really, really hard. Instead, find a ray of light, a cheerfully coloured thread, no matter how small. Seek out the company of positive people. And if all that is just too much, try this trick taught to me years ago; DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEBODY ELSE! Works like a charm. Take their grocery cart back for them, let them in a heavy line of traffic, hold a door open, voice your appreciation… the possibilities are endless! The darkness will begin to fade, with no struggle from you, as your own frequency shimmers. Though just a little bit at first, nurturing that little shimmer will, in time, give way to a full blown glow and that is an entirely different frequency.

Meanwhile, go easy on yourself and keep your glow on!

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  1. Thanks, Nancy! It’s so true about when we ‘feel’ for someone else…even that saying in and of itself is indicative of trying to bolster or do for others what is not ours to do. I had a client tell me recently that I did “too much” for them and I needed to make them more accountable. Ah the lessons of learning to stay connected to where it matters – with our own connection of “source” or “woo woo” or whatever we choose to label it as. Such learning we gain in our wiser years! Xo

    • Thanks Kathleen. It is great, isn’t it, to get a reign on our sensitivities so that they can be really useful! You’re so right, older and wiser 🙂

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