Listen to the Universe 2

A VW Beetle in a ditch with the front end in a pole referencing listen to the universe There is more to my Montreal story than was written in that last article; Listen to the Universe. Here’s the story:

Long ago and far away, when people drove the original VW Beetle, when cell phones had not yet been conceived, even in imagination and seat belts, (what seat belts?) were not installed in new cars, let alone mandatory by law, I was partying with friends, some 15 miles from my home. Seriously, in those days the phrase D.U.I. didn’t even exist. “One for the road” was a reality.

Sometime in the wee, small hours, filled with party “joy”, my boyfriend and I headed for his Beetle; my chariot home. Out of the blue, I got a very clear knowing; “This car will crash. You need to be prepared.” I didn’t question the message, nor did I share it with anybody else. In my “enlightened” state, I simply fumbled around in attempt to be prepared for the, soon to unfold, drama.

One important factor seemed to be that George had to come with us. He really didn’t want to, but I whined and cajoled until he surrendered and folded his lanky frame into the back of the bug. The other factor was my door. Lock? Unlock? Lock? Unlock? I couldn’t decide, but evidence would suggest .… Then off we sped on an icy and snowy Easter Eve, no one the wiser but me, tensed for impact most of the way home.

Nothing. No crash. Whew!

Just as I let out a sigh of relief and relaxed my muscles, an oncoming car made a turn directly across our path. We collided head on. I was thrown forward and smashed the windshield with my head. I bounced backward again, whereupon my door flew open (UNlocked) and I was ejected from the vehicle in a fine show of acrobatics, summersaulting backwards across the freeway. I landed on my knees on the shoulder of the road. Our trusty Beetle wrapped itself around a telephone pole, completely annihilating my seat; gone, nada! Had my door been locked, I would have been gone, nada.

The guys were not hurt. The car was totalled and my injuries were minor. Do I listen when the universe gives me a nudge? You bet I do! I am grateful. I am blessed.


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