a wolf howling with the full moon in the background referencing The Lunar Lunacy EffectOWOOOOOOOOO!  Have you ever thrown your head back, let loose from the depths of your being and howled , full-throttle, at the moon? The full moon… la luna llena, Moondance, Dancing In The Moonlight, Werewolves and lunatics. What is it about the moon? Did you know that there are more admissions to psyche wards and emergency room visits on a full moon than any other time? That’s not WooWoo. It’s just a fact.

The Lunar Lunacy Effect

No doubt you have noted that things can get kind of wonky around the full moon. Accidents happen, headaches happen, peoples’ weirdness seems to escalate. Hurt feelings, resentments and confusion ensue and, man, is it easy to get caught up in the lunacy! But, if you are conscious, if you keep your feet on the ground, as you search the sky for that big troublemaking orb, laughing down on us all, you can keep your head (when those about you are losing theirs).

Cold-hearted orb that rules the night
Removes the colours from our sight
Red is grey and yellow white
But we decide is right and which is an illusion.
(from The Moody Blues, Days of Future Past)

Remember who you are. Amid the sniping and curious behavior of those around you, remember who you are. This is me; solid, present and whole. This is who I am; loving, kind and reaching for my highest vision. Who said what to whom is of no concern to me. I only know what I must be and that I must keep moving forward. How could they? Why would she? You know the drill. It can keep you awake nights. But only you can allow your thoughts to spiral out of proportion. Only you can put on the brakes. Only you can decide which is real and which is an illusion.

The next time everyone around you seems to be going mad, check the moon. It could be the lunar lunacy effect. It is fascinating, actually. Check the moon and then check yourself. When the energies build, maybe a good OWOOOOOOOOO! howl can release the pressure that would otherwise drive you to distraction (and odd behaviour). And, of course, remember that darkness can be looked upon with kindness.

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  1. Full moon madness, the stuff of literature and poetry, tides, menstrual cycles, increased birth and human emotions!
    Excellent Nancy, thank you. Love the white wolf, wow!

  2. Lorrie Lewandowski

    Great article, working in a rest home with elderly and mentally inpaired I saw alot of full moon things. But people will tell you other wise. Personally I love the full moon because that is when I have the most energy. Channeled right I get a tremendous amount done with what seems little effort. It is also my most creative time. So bring on the full moon!

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