a Buddha face showing only the left eye and ear, referencing meditationOM…..

Silence filled the room; a hush so thick, so velvety-rich you could sweep it with your hand and swirl it like a serene  pool of water. We had chanted in unison for nearly half an hour, building this energy, this cushion of substance. Twenty five of us sat in a circle with pillows and mats on the polished, hardwood floors of the old, stone courthouse in Assisi. Shhhh, not a word. From the narrow cobblestone streets outside our door, echoes of children laughing, mothers calling and the buzz of the ubiquitous Vespa served only to take us higher… deeper. Within the group energy, each one of us had our own unique experience, during that week of chant and meditation. Mine was transformative. From that week forward, nothing would ever be the same. I left Assisi with the irrefutable knowledge that IT was no longer about me. What a liberating place to come to in yourself, when you realize that everything you do and the choices you make  are about serving something much greater than little ol’ you. In fact, YOU are much greater than little ol’ you. But that’s a longer story for another day.

The thing is, I wasn’t a seasoned “meditator”.  I had no meditation goals. In fact, I didn’t even know what to look for. I only had to open myself and the goal found me. There are those who say they can’t meditate. Their minds just won’t shut off. So don’t try to shut them off. Let your busy brains ramble on. The key is to let those thoughts just pass on through, like billboards passively viewed from a car window. No attachment.

Meditation, Transformation through Being

the silhouette of a woman sitting on a beach in the meditation poseSome need guided meditation, leading their minds on fantastic voyages through their bodies, limbs and organs and on to rolling pastures of green. If that works for you, go for it.

Some need music to help them disconnect from their surroundings. Works for me. But noises that might distract you from your journey can be used as tools to take you higher. You only have to decide that it will be so.

Meditation isn’t hard. It’s taking the time for yourself to just BE that can present a challenge. So, you decide. You find your own way. Whether it’s a quiet walk in the woods, reclining in your easy chair, sitting like a Buddha on a pillow or chanting with a group in some sacred hall on the other side of the world: BE STILL, WATCH and WAIT. And when the earth shifts beneath you, GO WITH IT.

We are magnificent beings. You are awesome. If I could introduce you to you that way, I would. Instead, I’ll offer up this little tip. FOLLOW YOUR BREATH. Get to know yourself (the real you) in those quiet moments somewhere between then and when; in the present moment that is waiting to greet you in meditation.


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