Mindset – The Switch

a picture of a switch referencing mindsetHey, that’s not fair! They can’t do that!  

I had booked those seats months in advance and paid for them. Now they’re telling me, 24 hours before our flight leaves for the UK, that there is nothing anybody can do about it? Paul and I were assigned seats in separate rows and awkwardly placed at that. I made a few calls, to no avail. The plane was full and gosh, they would if they could, but there was nothing. So that night I tossed and turned and wrestled with the injustice and the daunting prospect of an uncomfortable transatlantic flight ahead. Toss and turn, fuss and fume…stop! Remember when your parents used to call up “you kids go to sleep!”… and you did? So, I managed to flip the switch, turning off the mindset of a challenged victim.

A sleepless night would only compound the drama that I might face the next morning. So I stopped and flipped that switch, sending a message out to the universe asking, no, acknowledging that the events that were to work out tomorrow would happen with ease and grace and to the greatest benefit, not only to Paul and I, but for all. Quite quickly, I fell into a peaceful, easy sleep.

Mindset – The Power We Have

I maintained that mindset all the way to the airport and as I approached the attendant at the boarding desk. “I’m hoping you can help me”, I said and briefly explained our situation. Glancing at her computer screen and as easy as you please she said “oh sure, no problem, you guys can have these seats”, whereupon she handed me two new boarding passes with almost the very seats we had lost. No hassle, no tension, no big deal!

Of course, for the flight home I had to consciously adopt that very attitude again, as we had been assigned seats at the very back of the plane with, sorry, but there just is nothing else. During the online check in, the option came to change seats. Sure, I’ll take these two in row 17, right there across the aisle from each other. Better than that, once boarded and buckled up, it just so happened that, on this “completely full flight”, Paul had the only seat with a vacancy beside him.

There is a switch within each of us, that, with a simple flick, can set the environment (the energy) to cooperate with us. The beauty is, we are not trying to manipulate events in our favor. Rather, once we have given over to the powers that be, with complete trust and acceptance of the outcome, it would seem that the universe and all the players therein, rush in to the space made to work their magic.


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