On Being Happy

a rainbow ending in a pot of gold referencing being happyLately I’m discovering that most of my friends, who work regular 9 to 5s, are not very happy in their jobs. They are stressed, frustrated and tired. One thing each of these workplaces seems to have in common is this: their policies are not designed to make their employees happy. Au contraire, it would appear! And, each place has it’s mean, stupid or disagreeable person or persons playing their part. While I don’t live as conventional a lifestyle as these friends, I am no stranger to the angst inspired by the actions of others. And ain’t it the truth? As soon as you celebrate the removal of one dufus, another one comes along to take their place! There comes a time when you can, no longer, let other people determine your joy factor.

On Being Happy – Freedom Within Your Circumstance

The only way I have found to be truly happy, regardless of others, is to choose to be so. Happiness does not wait somewhere off in the distance… when that moron leaves, when I win the lottery, when my prince appears… nah-uh. There is no rainbow’s end. Happiness begins to put in an appearance when you realize it’s all about the journey and not the destination, when you focus on everything that is great in your life, RIGHT NOW, and give no weight to the wet blankets of this world.

In the world of energy workers, we refer to this as being free within your circumstances, rather than from them . That is the ultimate liberation. How do you think Nelson Mandela survived his years in prison? AND said, afterward, he wouldn’t trade one of those years for what they taught him. Wow.

You have to be firm with yourself. The moment that feeling of injustice puts in its first small whisper, you’ve gotta drop it and switch focus. And believe me, nothing thwarts the shenanigans of a dufus more than somebody who is happy. It is all within your power. Choose happy. It rubs off!


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  1. Bonnie Jo Radasch

    Well put, Nancy… and great reminder! Thanks for posting, Bonnie Jo xo

  2. Being in that daily situation, I so appreciate you shining the light on this situation. You are absolutely right – we can choose, in any given moment, to feel the happiness that is always present. Thanks Nance!

  3. Well said cousin!!! I am happy I hope you are too. We are on the same path. Namaste

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