a picture of perceived God

Somebody asked, recently, with some exasperation; “Why don’t you just use the word God? You say Spirit, The Universe, Higher Self… why don’t you just say God?”  I’ll tell you why. It is my perception that the name of God has been so misused, over the years, I prefer to…

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Listen to the Universe 2

A VW Beetle in a ditch with the front end in a pole referencing listen to the universe

There is more to my Montreal story than was written in that last article; Listen to the Universe. Here’s the story: Long ago and far away, when people drove the original VW Beetle, when cell phones had not yet been conceived, even in imagination and seat belts, (what seat belts?)…

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Listen to the Universe

two Canada Geese flying referencing listen to the universe

We planned a trip to Montreal, specifically a girl’s time away; noshing on croissants and bagels, shopping in Old Montreal, a fancy, dress-up dinner at an upscale restaurant. Not to mention Montreal on the heels of Leonard Cohen’s passing. There was something kind of romantic and poetic about the whole…

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