Random Thoughts

symbols representing meditation and random thoughtsWhy do they even occur? At the risk of sounding repetitive, I have to say it; we are all connected… no man is an island. How do you think the likes of Uri Geller, John Edward and J.Z. Knight do it? Do they “read minds” or are they just particularly adept at identifying those random thoughts and  zeroing in on their source? I am no stranger to those free-floating thoughts, but I would never want to devote myself to following them. It would be exhausting! I will, however, continue  acknowledging that there are random thoughts and  devote myself to refining my ability to handle them with grace.

Thoughts: Healing Energy

Because here’s the thing;

Thoughts are energy. If the thought is particularly negative and possibly disturbing, that energy, and all it might affect, could use a shot of kind, loving, healing energy. OR, you could claim it as your own and watch yourself go right off the rails!  (i.e. Cameron jumping in front of the train) Likewise, if the thoughts are amazing and pure genius, you just might want to claim them as your own. Why not? There is no harm in that and somebody has to bring it forward. That somebody will reap the rewards and well they should, because they will also pay whatever price comes with owning that creation.

Here’s what I know. If we conduct our lives with a consciousness of kindness, tolerance and love, like the radiant blossom of the third chakra, energies of a darker nature have nowhere to take hold and energies of a brilliant nature just keep spreading. Of course the dark thoughts will come. They’re out there! Let them float on by. Resistance is futile. As in meditation, don’t fight them, don’t act on them,  just let them float on bye. B’bye!


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  1. Short and sweet and you nailed the solution. I am an empath and I pick up all kinds of crazy stuff that is of an intense emotional nature. The only way to handle it is to let it pass on through with a blessing. Do not hold on! A sign of spiritual maturity and mastery is the ability to work with what is your own and let the rest go. Yes we are all one – we are all connected but our nervous systems are finite. I try not to take on more than I can manage and stay sane! Thanks Nancy, great stuff!

    • And thank YOU, Cheryl. How many empaths are running around this planet, not realizing that’s what they are! Yikes!

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