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GoneWooWoo 6Okay, in a recent post, I suggested a little exercise in observation. Did you notice anything? Did you take the time to look outside of yourself to see what was going on around you, in relation to what you were feeling? You know, I had this little exercise offered to me over thirty years ago and to this day I’m impressed by how MY feelings are being expressed by people around me. Hmmmm, could it be they aren’t completely mine? Road-rage is a great example. The highways and expressways of our big cities are prime feeding grounds for road-rage. It is frighteningly rampant and if I’m not mindful, I can be in there with the best of them. Oh what a colorful and creative vocabulary comes streaming forth, while I white-knuckle the wheel and crane my neck forward! Yet, put me on a highway around Fort Wayne Indiana and I’m quite calm, as are most of the drivers around me. It is an energy thing. Our larger metropolitan centres are all high stress, go, go, go, gotta make a buck. Indiana is more lay back, steady as she goes, oh hey, check out that corn field! I LOVE driving in the Midwest!

But the whole point of the exercise is to discover or reaffirm that we are not what we feel. Our feelings tell us, quite clearly, what the climate of the energy is, in any given place and time. That’s HUGE! The first step is to see it (don’t just believe me). The next step is to know what to do with the information. Those people who shine in the field of energy work, assisting so many others to find health and balance in their lives, started there; recognizing the true function of having a feeling. And most of them, even after years of dedicated service, rely on a partner or like-minded community to remind them from time to time.

That’s what we’re here to do; remind each other of our true identity. That comes through in our presence alone and that is when the techniques we choose can be of true value. But be certain, if you never learned a technique in your life and have no intention of running your own practice, your presence as a conscious being in this world is invaluable. You will bring comfort and peace to those who need it just by living it.

ps. This might be a good time to read/watch: We Are Energetic Beings.

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