Self Love

a painting of Narcissus looking at his reflection in water referencing self loveRemember that A-one party trick, when you were around 12? You’d turn your back on your friends, wrap your arms around yourself and make like you were being loved by somebody. Everybody would fall down in fits of giggles as you added the mmmmmm sound effects.

That’s not what we are talking about when we refer to self-love. If only it were that simple! So many of us have been raised and conditioned to think of self-love as a bad thing, egocentric and arrogant. That would be a different kind of love, altogether. In fact, that’s not true love at all.

True love springs from the heart and from the spirit. It is humble appreciation, kindness and generosity. It’s gently picking up a child, when they fall, brushing them off and carefully letting them try again. It’s scooping up after your dog, because he can’t do it for himself. It’s patiently listening while your grandmother says the same thing for the fourth time in a row. It is a strangely rewarding state of giving.

Self Love and Forgiveness

You’ve screwed up in your life… maybe even today. Can you look at yourself with the same patience and caring as you would the child who has fallen? Can you gently clean up the mess you’ve made and tell yourself it’s okay, you’ll do better next time? Can you forgive yourself for making the same mistake four times in a row? Yes, you can. I know you can! Because your beautiful loving spirit is so much bigger than little ol’ you.

Try it. Try shifting your identity out of your ego-centred consciousness and slide on over to your larger self, the one that truly does love you. It may seem like a game, at first… pure fantasy. Try it on, anyway. Imagine that you are that wise and loving being that looks out for the little you… patient, kind… “Over here, sweetie. I’ve got you. You’re okay.” That is a real and lasting self-love that grows and spreads to encompass others. That is a love that attracts love and makes it easy to love.

And you know what’s really cool about this exercise? You are creating a more conscious relationship with your higher self. Because you’ve opened the door (no matter how inexperienced you are), in an attempt to experience true self-love, spirit will come rushing in. That really is a rush! True love conquers all.

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  1. Right on Nancy! Forgiveness is always the first step. Beautifully insightful!!

  2. A great exercise for me to put into action as I nurture and grow my fledgling relationship with my higher self. It’s all within us.

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