Spirit and the Muse

a very chic looking woman standing in front of a high-end fireplace referencing creative spiritThroughout history, artists, poets, writers, musicians and other creative souls have made mention of their muse. Some will tell you that a certain person is their muse; ie. Loulou de la Falaise (right) for  Yves St. Laurent. Patty Boyd has been regarded as the muse for both George Harrison and Eric Clapton. Stephen King’s muse is a cigar-smoking, wise-ass, invisible friend. There are celestial muses and spiritual muses. But, it seems to me, it all comes down to one thing… spirit. More specifically, the creative spirit. This doesn’t mean that Patty wasn’t an inspiration. You only have to listen to Layla to appreciate that. But, the creativity came through Clapton. He had to tap into his own connection with the creative spirit.

Creative Spirit

Why am I writing about this? Well, the spirit of creativity affects all of us, not just those who let it flow through music and words. It flows through the carpenter and the brick-layer. It flows through the cook and the gardener. It flows and when we are tuned into that flow, we are happy, everything runs smoothly. And while at times it might seem elusive, it is always there. Sometimes it is simply a matter of opening our arms, stepping forward into the void and trusting. Sometimes it is a matter of looking to another.

We are all connected, yes? Opening ourselves to that reality, humbling ourselves in the presence of another will create an alternate avenue for the spirit to appear. Perhaps, then, that other person is our muse. Ah so!, then there must be times when we are the muse! In our acts of generosity and kindness, in our boldness to be ourselves, right out loud, and in our own carefully tended connection with that creative spirit, we provide the channel for somebody else.

Riding in my car yesterday, I was listening to a tres fab song by Mark Bolan and T Rex. I love it… Cosmic Dancer. This is from decades ago! I did a little reading on Mr. Bolan, knowing that he had died young. In my reading, I discovered he’d left behind a small child. Who stepped forward and offered that spirit of generosity and kindness? David Bowie. He privately funded the child’s schooling because Mark had been his friend. I love the way it all ties together. Have a listen to the song. I hope you had a chance to read my latest little story, The Voice of the Soul. Bowie just danced his way into the tomb and I imagine he will dance himself right through the womb, again. Or, perhaps, he’ll stay and be one with the creative spirit that is a part of us all.

My conclusion?  The creative spirit and the muse are one and the same. We only need look around to see shining examples of that everywhere.

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  1. beautifully written as always

  2. Cynthia Lynn Scott

    Thank you for sharing your love of this song and the story of Mr. Bolan. This is the first I have listened to Cosmic Dancer. Great song! Cynthia

  3. Hey Nancy, Its too late for me to play the music but I will for sure tomorrow. Your comments and insights are so important. I do not know many people/artists that are willing to talk about this directly. I think they feel they may be misunderstood or judged mentally inbalanced. Steven Pressfield in his classic book The War of Art speaks of the muse in the most direct way possible and he comes to the same conclusions as you do. For myself, my muses are many, both carnate and incarnate. I have talks with Georgia O’Keefe. I have several spirit guides who support and inspire me although we have never met on this plain of being. Excellent piece, thank you!

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