Spiritual Advice?

Olden picture of a man on a soap box referencing spiritual adviceSo you’re on a spiritual path. Maybe it’s been a year or two, maybe twenty. But you’re learning. Every day brings a new and exciting insight and you are filling up with more love than you could ever have imagined. You read, you join seminars and workshops, watch videos… there is so much information! Good for you! But…BE CAREFUL!

Information is just that. It’s somebody else’s perceptions, techniques and experience being shared with you… somebody else’s. A lot of it is valuable and great to try on… see how it fits for you. It’s why I write GoneWooWoo. Being open to new perspectives is important to our own personal growth. But, at the end of the day, it’s going to be about your perceptions and your experience. I think a good measure of our spiritual progress is how effectively we can be silent, when we’re bursting to “enlighten” someone. Case in point:

I have a good friend whose young son has recently met with a health crisis. As you might imagine, she is beside herself with concern for her son and working hard at maintaining a balanced and clear presence, in the midst of tests, hospital visits, unexplained physical symptoms and the ensuing anxiety. To top it all off, she is in the middle of major a lifestyle change that affects those closest to her.

Spiritual Advice, Enlightenment Through Silence

So, along come a few well-meaning “spiritual” friends to offer uninvited advice. Spiritual advice. They suggest that her son’s health crisis might be the result of the personal changes she is making in her life. Yes indeed, could be your fault! Wow, just what she needs to hear, right now. I wonder, then, if her breakdown would be their fault? You’re welcome to disagree, but it seems to me the most effective offering to this woman would be to let her know that you’re there for her… plain and simple, full stop. How can I help? All your newly gleaned spiritual knowledge would serve best, kept to yourself. Love, kindness, compassion, listening without judgement…these are quick and easy spiritual tools, at the ready! And they don’t require any narrative!

Spiritual advice? Me, I’m all about spiritual growth. It’s not always easy and it’s not always pretty. Our effectiveness comes in how we show up, not in what we say (unless, of course, you’re sharing your perspectives through a blog.) Read on, my friends, embrace the journey! Gather what works for you and leave the rest by the wayside, with thanks. And remember: until you’ve walked in somebody else’s moccasins, you don’t know what they are dealing with. So just love them.

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  1. Just LOVED this!!! Such good advice. Thank you!!

  2. Well said Nancy! A great reminder.

  3. We live in a tough dysfunctional world where things can get absurd and it looks like God can make a “mistake” with what to do with your life. Sometimes things don’t work out and you wonder if it’s all been a waste of time. But no matter what people’s “opinions”, are awake or asleep are just that. As long as you’ve made amends to yourself and had a good time doing it fuggem.

  4. Well said. Bra Off!

  5. I LOVE this article…and the photo! So true….so many “helpful” people out there all ready and willing to SHARE their own personal truth…..about YOU! In my experience if you want spiritual advice find a critter – a dog, a bird, a fish, a horse, a cow, a pig a snail even…and just sit and BE with him….he’ll teach you all you need to know! Thanks for a great post!

  6. This is a fantastic article, well said. I think it is common for some people to overdose on random information and try to make sense of it. And yet, over a lifetime I have touched in to many, many spiritual paths. I guess over time I have integrated a lot and now I mostly use my own spiritual guidance system. Thanks for another excellent post Nancy, I always look forward.

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