Spiritual Beings-Listening to the Energy

a plane wrapped gift box referencing spiritual beingsAn old friend sent me a book recently and I am loving it. I love that he thought of me and that he sensed it was a book I would enjoy. He was right. More than that, the timing is just bang on, which would come as no surprise to him, as he is an old hand at listening to those cues.  This particular book was written by his wife, who also happens to be an old friend of mine. She always seems to appear in my life during times of major transition (my transitions). It is uncanny how she just happens to be there… this time in the form of a book. The book is called:

Coming Into Your Own, A Woman’s Guide Through Life Transition, by Barbara Cecil

I get so excited whenever I catch a glimpse of that web we weave together, as spiritual beings. How all the pieces fit. Every once in a while, we catch a fleeting glimpse of the bigger picture and every once in a while, we receive confirmation that we are on track. When we are on track, it’s as if the universe conspires to make it easier for us by plunking just the right person or bit of information into our lap. Seriously, Barbara shows up about every ten years.  Her timing is crucial.

Spiritual Beings-Transition

Then there is Shari, an unknown to me, until that fateful big back attack, last week. She showed up at the foot of my bed at seven o’clock on a Sunday morning to help relieve my pain. We connected easily and deeply. Shari was following her call and her own timing. Three or four visits,  was the extent of our time together. When I finally made my way home, this book was waiting for me and I dug right in. Oh! This is perfect. I must send a copy to Shari. I think the timing could be just right for her.

Do you see it? That little piece of web? Each person played their part, honoring their hearts call and in doing so, made something of value available to another, just when they needed it most.  They didn’t need to know who or why. They only needed to respond to their own heart’s call. Listen to the energy!

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  1. i think our progress will speed up dramatically when we realize that we are developments, of a spiritual *being*.

  2. Ah, sweet Nancy. How incredible to read your blog today. I too am in transition. I have two weeks of vacation ahead of me, paddling and hiking in our exquisite WA state. I wish I had a copy of Barbara’s book. Like you I am not at all sure what form this transition will take. I see it in my art and I sense a move ahead.
    We are a spiritual team. I live in awe of the precision we have found together. This team can include those of us who have worked together for years. And angels appear from out of the blue, playing their part flawlessly. Many blessings to you. Thanks for the post.

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